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You'll have an option in-app to join the project and add $1 to your monthly Unbounce bill

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With your support as an Unbounce customer, we can make this happen together. Don’t worry, we won’t be charging you right now. Once the project is in action, we’ll ask you to confirm your pledge and we can start making a difference together!

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Turning a Pricing Tactic Into a Social Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

What does pledging my dollar entail?

Pledging the dollar is you expressing your intention as an Unbounce customer to join this project. We will not be charging you any money now, we’re trying to measure the potential impact this project will have and make sure you’re as excited about it as we are.

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What happens when you collect enough pledges?

We’ll kickstart the work with Unbounce to build the collection service, the money pipeline and the charity selection process. We’ll keep you posted with progress updates and once we’re ready to collect your monthly dollar we’ll reach out and confirm your pledge one more time first.

Why can’t I donate right away instead of pledging? 

The service that will allow for you to simply add a charity dollar on top of your existing invoice hasn’t been built yet. It’ll require resources from our software partners. To secure these resources we want to make sure it’ll have the intended impact. That’s where your pledge comes in, it’s our driver to make this a reality.

Where will the donated money go? 

We’re working on our charity selection, it’s a long thorough process that’ll take some time but rest assured, before we collect a single dollar all these details will be crystal clear to you. You’ll know exactly how much of your money is reaching the charity and which charities it’s going to. Down the line we want you to have control over where the money goes!

Put that missing dollar in your monthly software bill to good use

Your pledges will kickstart the one dollar project making it available in your favorite software company.





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